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2014-07-28 13:39:25

Our pegless clothesline in Turkey

Here's our pegless clothesline in Turkey.  Thank you Nicky - it looks great!

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2014-07-11 10:34:14

Festival Fun

11th July begins the Tafwyl Festival at Cardiff Castle.  I'm told some of our campers will be taking their buckets and kettles to the event.  Anyone interested in going can head online to  Also, campers will be spoilt for choice at the South West Caravan and Motorhome Show from today until the 13th in Wadebridge, Cornwall.  Wish I could go!

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2014-06-29 19:35:29

Another use....

Whilst my boys were glued to Mexico playing Holland on TV, I decided to take one of our client's ideas and use our much loved but now rarely used Scrunch-bucket as a cutlery holder.  I think it's a great idea for beach cafes and restaurants.  Works with or without the handle too. 

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